VenuVenue:2nd floor conference room, Chemistry Building

Date: Sep. 12 (Monday)


Time Event Invited Speaker
9:00-9:25 Welcoming address Prof. Fang Wei-Hai


9:45-10:45 New Inorganic Solids from Synthesis in Molten Chalcogenide Salts: Structural Diversity to Applications Prof. Mercouri Kanatzidis

Northwestern University


10:45-11:20 New Explorations on Photoelectric Materials and Solar applications Prof. Huang Fu-Qiang

Peking University

11:20-11:55 First-principles Materials Simulations to Nonlinear Optical Crystals Prof.Lin Zhe-Shuai

Beijing Center for Crystal R&D, TIPC, CAS.

14:00-14:35 High Efficiency Ternary Polymer Solar Cells Prof. Bo Zhi-Shan


14:35-15:10 Thermoelectric Properties of Cu2-δX-based (X = S, Se, and Te) Materials Prof. Shi Xun

Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS

15:10-15:45 Half-Heusler (HH) Alloys Zr(Ti, Hf) NiSn, Zr(Ti, Hf)CoSb, and Nb(V)FeSb Prof. Zhao Huai-Zhou

Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

15:45-16:20 New Zintl Phases and Related Thermoelectric Properties Prof. Xia Sheng-Qing

Shandong University

16:20-16:55 One Alternative Way to High Thermoelectric Performance: the Intrinsically Low Thermal Conductivity Prof. Zhao Li-Dong

Beihang University

16:55-17:30 Discovery of SHG Chalcogenides: Structural Modification and Property Improvement Prof. Chen Ling




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